About me

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Hey! I’m Sarah, a developer and designer living in Oslo, Norway.

My biggest passions are everything related to programming, design and science: experiences, how people interact with each other and technology, why things work a certain way, logical thinking, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, cultures and cultural differences, art and art history, aesthetics, creating apps and websites,etc. To some people it might sound boring, but I’m fascinated by it and am convinced that all of these topics are strongly connected with each other and everything around us.

My entire life I’ve been dealing with anxiety, fear of failure and perfectionism. A while ago I decided to start working on becoming an anxiety-free, happier, healthier and stronger woman. What I’ve always liked the most about my job is how I can drastically improve the life of others with my work, and now it’s time to improve my own life.

With Lavender Life I want to share a piece of me with the world, and combine my passions with my quest to improve my own life and the life of others. Besides that I’ll also give tips to reduce anxiety and stress and share my thoughts on my own life, positivity, relaxation, meditation, improvement, productivity, yoga, healthy habits, work/life balance, books, hobbies, etc.

You can always contact me via mail if you have any questions or critiques.