Lavender Life has moved


It has been a bit quiet on my blog the past few weeks, because I was traveling, working and… setting up a self-hosted blog. From now on you can find me over at I’ll be publishing the same type of content as I did here, just on a different place. You can keep getting notifications about my blog in the mail, if you subscribe through my new url. There’s a subscribe button on the front page.

Thanks and see you there!

My negative experience with being positive.

Not that long ago someone told me about the positivity challenge. The point of it is to only have positive thoughts for an entire week. As soon as you start having any negative feelings or thoughts, you will either have to twist them into something positive or try to think of something else instead.

It sounded great and very promising: no more stress or anxiety, no more sadness, no more anger, only positivity. So I decided to give it a try. In fact, I tried it multiple times and it never worked for me. Trying to turn negative emotions around brought even more negativity in my life.

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7 Annoying questions I still get asked since my immigration to Norway.

About two and a half years ago I made the big move from Belgium to Norway. I love every part of living here, but some of the (recurring) questions I get from Belgians and Norwegians are pretty annoying. So I decided to share them with you.

1. “Are you used to living abroad already?”
I didn’t mind that question the first few times people asked me, it’s a normal question after all. However, I’ve been living here for MORE THAN TWO YEARS now. You can drop it. Stop asking me. If I wasn’t used to it by now I would have moved back already. The cultural differences aren’t that big either. Stop asking me. Please.

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